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Master Len introduces her small round ass to the sting of the cane Sodomy and suspension make this red-head cry her heart out this JAP cries when Master Len tortures her percky tits!!
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amateur bondage videos

Master Len gets aggressive in this spanking session Master Len uses his special paddle to turn his naughty slaves bottom a rosy shade of pink. Master Len reduces Nicole to sobs with the whip
Pathetic Slut loves to submit to the hard punishment of Master Len This blonde darling loves hard schlongs but she has never sucked it while being tied up and totally helpless Tt is amazing how deep she can take all the dildos and all kinds of BDSM devices up her nasty slippery cunt which is going to be totally spread wide i
Her large tits are going up and down while she is shaking and screaming at the same time. Master Len gives his red headed slut a punishment session she will not soon forget. Jennifer's tits turned red because of the ropes but that is nothing in comparison to what her master plans to do to her.
Master Len uses his trusty whip to turn Dezerays ass a lovely shade of pink. Master Len and his Mistress bring their new slave into the dungeon and ravage her nubile body. Daria was sick and tired of old fashioned sex and that is why she decided to try something new and a little bit more exciting
The Mistress of the dungeon brings her bound slave to a forced orgasm. Nicole has her body wrecked and ravaged with pliers and clamps all for Master Lens amusement. Her pussy got totally wet and that is the clear sign that she likes the BDSM games
Master Len punishes two girls at once in this sexy BDSM film. Japanese style bondage welcomes Marilyn on her very first beating Master Len expends hellacious torture on this fatties round tits
BDSM action is what Candy loves more than anything and she is ready to spread her long legs and get used Master Len unties his naughty slave and gently hugs her after her stern caining session Master Len gives Nicole a whipping so intense that it leaves her milky white skin covered in marks and bruises
Mature Housewife Kat gets more than she figured in Master Lens Fetish Dungeon Master Len gives Ruby a pussy spanking she will never forget. Master Len shows his expertise with the cane on her big wide ass
Nicole learns submission as she get hog tied and bitch slapped The Mistress of the dungeon forces her naughty slave to oragsm in this sexy BDSM film. When it comes to giving nasty blowjobs, no one does it better than these horny girls who are always ready for some extreme punishments

This teenie gets shocked until she begs for mercy Master Len covers his slave in hot candle wax and watches her squirm. Master Len drags two of his naughtiest slaves into the dungeon and gives them a good punishment session. Master Len bends his naughty slave over and fucks her brains out
Master Len uses his evil cane to teach his naughty slave a lesson. Sexy Lorelei is bound and helpless against the abuse of Master Len Innocent teen gets arrested and chained Her nipples are in the center of attention but not for long since she has a nice round ass as well which is made for spanking
The women of Master Lens dungeon whip paddle and spank each other before receiving a similar punishment from Master Len. Her nipples are rock hard and her shaved cunt is getting totally wet while she is moaning and getting ready to cum hard Cotton Candy finds herself chained and paddled in Master Lens dungeon Master Len orders two of his slutty slaves to punish each other before giving them a stern whipping.
Kimber gets a stern caning as punishment for her very naughty ways. Master Len and his apprentice prepare their new slave for her first punishment session. Lesbian domination finds Nicole suspended and tit-bruised Huge BBW gets her funbags bound and squeezed
Master Len uses his needles to reek havoc on Candys supple nipples. Master Len ties his slave in rope and gives her a stern whiipping as punishment for her slutty ways. Yoko is one of the hottest slaves that you are going to find on the internet Kat is held for interrogation by Master Len
He told her to spread her legs she got scared, since she knew that she is going to feel severe pain like never before Dominatrix makes Cottn Candy smoke her rubber cock Master Len gives this bookworm a hard spanking when she forgets her homework! Master Len uses a combination of dildos and electric stimulation to force his slave to orgasm.
Lorelei trie to find comfort as Master Len shreds her back with the lash Master Len takes sadistic pleasure humiliating this wretched bitch Master Len suspends and disciplines his brand new slave Young Hottie is about to have her ass spanked
Master Len binds his slave in a garbage bag and laughs as she tries to escape. He started using a long silver dildo on her and shoved it all the way deep inside of her slippery cunt while her nipples were rock hard and ready for Master Len gets creative in his torture of Kat It is only a matter of time when that is going to happen since he is merciless and loves to torment babes like her.
Master Lens latest conquest gets suspended and smacked around Master Len molests helpless Nicole with his magic wand Ivy feels the burn of the red hot wax all over her naked pale flesh Pain is always included and there is no doubt that this babe screamed all night long while her master was having fun and while his penis was getting r
Her tight big round ass is made for spanking and if she doesn`t do what they tell her to do, there is no doubt that she is going to end up with a red Master Len ties his naughty slave up with ropes and violates her naked flesh. Her meaty cunt is ready for anything that is long and hard and since she is tied up, it is not like she has a choice She is pushing her tight sexy butt out and getting ready for some ass whipping action
Sexy Blonde gets chained and gagged by Master Len as punishment for her very slutty ways Master Len gives his protege a spanking in order to teach her the proper spanking technique. Her hard nipples are made for BDSM torments and that simply means that she is on the right path to reaching an intense orgasm Master Len uses his trusty paddle to turn his slave bottom a lovely shade of pink.
He knew that it is only a matter of time when she is going to cum one more time and even squirt all over the place. Sexy redhead MILF gets a fat dildo pistoning her to ecstasy Master Len ties his slutty slave up with chains and gives her a hardcore whipping session. Master Len exposes this dungeon slut to the wonders of BDSM

Master Len gives sexy Nicole a hardcore pussy spanking as punishment for her very naughty ways Master Len uses a machine to wreck and ravage his slaves perky tits. Andrea gets bound in rope as Master Len wrecks and ravages her naked body. Master Len wrecks and ravages his trio of naughty slaves.
Tied to the torture table, the trio is bound and smacked by Master Len and his two accomplices After the slave is encased in tape head to foot, she is released and allowed to suck Master's cock. The Master of the dungeon uses a vibrator to give his porky slave a forced orgasm. He knows how to make them get off fast and hard and since that includes a little bit of pain, he is going to use long chains as well
Master Len gives a lesson on the effect of whipping on human flesh It is causing her pain but at the same time she is loving every second of it. There is a metal device penetrating her orgasmic cunt all the way inside while she is spreading her legs and getting ready to feel the pain Master Len shows no mercy when he yanks Nicoles pussy lips with his pulley
This blonde angel is one of the slaves who is always in the mood to spread her long legs and take big toys up her shaved meat hole which is hungry for Master Len teaches his protege how to give a naughty slave a good spanking. Master Len uses brute force on his nubile young captive Destinys saggy ass swells each time Master Len swings his whip
Master Len lets her know whos boss when he yanks on her twat with his chain All he has to do is use his toys and make their asses turn red We all know that naughty schoolgirls deserve to be punished and this time she is going to get what she deserves Kat is held for questioning by Master Len
Not only that their master is going to make sure these babes get what they deserve, but there is a kinky mistress as well who is going to use her hand He knows how to make the girls feel the terrible pain and amazing pleasure at the same time properly. Master Len binds his slave in chains and gives her a caning session she will not soon forget. Lil Red gets a dildo shoved up her ass because she did not give the new male slave a good punishment session.
Nicole gets her tender tits stung with the lash Like many schoolgirls, she is wearing a checked miniskirt which is too short to hide her amazing butt and a shaved beave Master Len inflict cruel and unusual punishment on sweet Lorelei This time Yoko is going to open her mouth wide and take that hard pulsating dick deep down her throat
Kinky Kat gets severly punished with the lash Loreleir gets a gagged shoved in her big mouth Master Len uses hooks to wreck and ravage his naughty slaves tits. Sexy Fetish sluts get probed by sex machines
BBW Blonde surrenders control of her body to Master Len Master Len holds a young girl captive to force out her secrets She didn`t like the fact that there is nothing she can do but after a while she started liking it more than anything Master Len gives two of his naughty slaves a forced oragsm.
Master Len catches Nicole in his cage and subjects her to cruel punishment She is totally helpless since her arms and legs are tied and there is absolutely nothing that she can do at all Master Len gives his slave a good pussy whipping as punishment for her transgressions.
Master Len begins Loreleis punishment with suspension and a hard lashing Kristen receives a stern punishment session at the hands of  Master Len. Extreme suspension bondage and torture unleashed on Ayako Joleen learns to submit after being tit tortured and bound
Huge plumper gets her big round tits tied and tortured She was screaming louder and louder and that was making her master even hornier and ready to make her cum once again Master Len breaks out everything in the toolchest to punish this huge fattie Master Len shows this fat hag the meaning of pain